Reverend Judy Dawn --
Clairaudient - Psychic - Tarot Reader

Rev Judy Dawn is Reading at The Bead Angel: $35 FOR 30 MINUTES, $70 FOR 60 MINUTES Walk-ins accepted, Appointments Recommended. Rev Judy Dawn reads monthly on the 2nd Saturday, 10am--6pm & on other additional Saturdays as scheduled.

A note from Judy: "I have studied Tarot, Astrology, Past Life Regression, Palmistry, Color, Aura Reading, Psychometry. I also can contact people ‘in Spirit’, those who have lived & passed on. I receive messages from the Angelic realms & formulas for mystic oils.” “My work has taken me to many places & many wonderful experiences. Please do not waste your money & your time (and mine) on ‘testinq my abilities'. I will have much to tell you during our sessions and a short time to do it." "Do you seek help with your choices in Life's Great Adventure? Let's talk!"

Rev Judy Dawn has been a Clairaudient Reader in the Evansville area since 1991. She’s a long-time friend of ours & we highly recommend her to you.