7 Fridays: JUNE 10 thru JULY 22, 2016, 7:00– 9:00pm.

Taught by REV JUDY DAWN: Psychic – Tarot Reader & Teacher

This is an in-depth introduction to this subject.  Call 812-426-2323 to RSVP.  
Pre-registration my MONDAY, JUNE 6 & payment by WED, JUNE 8, is required. 
FEE is $75.  

The Tarot Deck that MUST be used is The Gilded Tarot, by Ciro Marchetti, along with the matching Easy Tarot Companion Book.  Call now to RSVP & order your deck and book set with a 10% class discount.

You have natural intuitive abilities that can help you to elevate your understanding of your Self and your life to a whole new level.  The Tarot is a universal tool that will enable you to explore and develop those abilities.

You will learn:  
The Cards: The Major & Minor Arcana & their meanings & symbolism -- Setting the table for your cards –  How to listen – How to “work” and trust your cards – Reading for yourself – Tarot layouts and spreads – Tarot ethics – Reading for people you don’t know – Meditation – and much much more.

You will need to bring to each class:  The Gilded Tarot Deck & Book, a notebook and pen, a white candle and a holder for it.

    Rev Judy Dawn has been a Clairaudient Reader in the Evansville area since 1991. 
    She is a talented Psychic Medium.  
    She is experienced & highly knowledgeable in Tarot, Astrology, Past Life Regression, Palmistry, Color, Aura Reading, Psychometry & Candle Magick. 
    In addition to offering Readings at The Bead Angel, she has taught several classes here, including Intro to Candle Magick and Intermediate Candle Magick.
    Judy is a long-time friend of The Bead Angel and we highly recommend her to you.
                                  LINK TO HER INFO PAGE